Sunday, October 24, 2010

i.Fairy Ruby Red Review

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On right, the lens is inside out.

Comparison shot.
Photos taken in well-lit indoor lighting, facing window (not directly). No flash used.
Unfortunately I wish the quality was better, I couldn't get my camera to focus.
NOTE: My pictures really don't do these lenses justice. Check Crystalike's Photobucket for better pictures.

i.Fairy Ruby Red 14.6mm (Advertised as 16.2mm)
Purchased from Geo Lens House on Facebook in prescription
Diameter: 14.6mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product Code: Unknown

Color: 8/10

The color is quite bright for a dark red lens, though it may not be what you are looking for in a solid red lens. You can tell that they are red from a relatively close distance away. However, they were one of the few circle lenses in red that I could find in -7.00 prescription, without purchasing a $90+ pair from's shop. If you are looking for a solid red lens, but only need them in powers up to -6.00, has some that are relatively cheap called "Blood Red."

Design: 9/10

I really like the design of it, since the red is not a bright demonic red. It is made with black spokes with bright bits of red, allowing a smooth transition from brown to red on dark eyes.

Enlargement: 10/10

While they may not be 16.2mm lens as advertised, they are very enlarging. However, if they were 16.2mm, I don't even know if I'd be able to get them in my eye...

Comfort: 9/10

Very comfortable, no stinging when the lens are put on or worn, and I wore them for about 6 hours without needing eyedrops.


I really like these lenses as red lenses you can get in prescription without paying an arm and a leg for them. They may not be the brightest red, but they're quite good.

A note on purchasing lenses from facebook, though. I hesitated for a VERY long time on purchasing from this site, not because I didn't think they were trustworthy or heard anything bad about them, but because well.. It's facebook! However, I turned to Geo Lens House once my first preorder from De Mois, Pour Vous on livejournal never went through (presumably she fell ill again and did not process any orders. Check this entry for more details and my commenting under my account, sketchingacynic). I basically contacted her and paid her via paypal, but after almost 90 days, I never received any updates, either on her site or via email, and thus filed a paypal dispute and received my money back.
Conversation screenshot

Regardless, I finally wrote on Geo Lens House's wall after I contacted a user on the forums (Crystalike, if you're wondering) who made two happy lens purchases from Geo Lens House and posted pictures on the Contact Lens thread about the Ruby Red. She assured me that they were legit. So, I contacted them on an order of the i.Fairy Ruby Red in -7.00 prescription (listed in Malaysian currency). The purchase came to $30 USD with shipping and paypal fees, and Steve (the guy who runs the store) sent me an invoice via paypal. I paid him and the next day he sent me a tracking number, and I received the lenses within the next week and a half. So, overall it was a smooth transaction and I would definitely recommend this seller.

tl;dr --

Don't order from facebook stores unless you have trustworthy FRIENDS who have ordered from them before, and make sure it's a paypal invoice so if you don't receive your goods you can file a dispute to get your money back within 90 days. Oh yeah, and the i.fairy ruby red lenses are pretty cool.

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  1. i think they are bigger than 14.6mm. because i have the ifairy crystal series in Blue and they are larger than my GEO 14.8mm.