Friday, October 29, 2010

EOS Max Pure Green Review (EOS G-201)

Indoors, daylight, no flash, facing window

EOS Max Pure Green 14.5mm
Purchased from PinkyParadise in prescription.
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product code: EOS G-201

Color: 7/10

It’s not as vibrant a green as the Dollyeye green lenses are, but the yellowish tones in the green make it a lighter color than the Dollyeyes are.

Design: 7/10

Since these lenses are 14.5mm, they give a pretty halo effect when I wear them sometimes. However, the pupil hole is quite large and the design is too spiky for my tastes.

Enlargement: 10/10

14.5mm are the perfect size for me without looking too creepy. I love the size since it really makes my eyes pop, as my regular irises are so small.

Comfort: 10/10

These lenses were the first pair that I bought and when I popped them in, I wore them for about 8 hours with no discomfort or need for eyedrops. They’re consistently very comfortable and don’t dry out.

Overall: These are some really pretty lenses, and they're very comfortable. However, they're not really a favorite of mine because the color is more a muddy green than a forest green. They’re good for cosplay since they’re noticeable at a distance and enhance your eyes, but not if you're looking for a bright, green color. I would go with either Colormax Greens (available from or Dollyeye Greens.

tl;dr: Not the best lenses, but good for a more subtle green color and very comfortable.

Comparison with Dollyeye Green

On left - EOS Max Pure Green. On Right - Dollyeye Green.

On left - Dollyeye Green. On right - EOS Max Pure Green

As you can see, the Dollyeye green is more pigmented with color than the Max Pure green, but the hue is darker. You can read my review for my Dollyeye green lenses here.

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  1. Found you via soompi and I love circle lens blogs mainly cause I'm a circle lens addict! Followed you.

    I really like the softness of the pattern but the color is a bit too bright...still really pretty though! :)