Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue 14.5mm
Also known as Dueba Shinny Aqua
Purchased from Pinkyparadise in prescription
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product Manufacturer: Dueba

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

Color: 9/10

The color is actually very bright and a really pretty blue, and the small burst of brown in the middle makes it really stand out. It shows up really well on my brown eyes.

Design: 10/10

The design is really lovely and natural, and the brown in the middle really gives it a nice transition from my natural color. I think the design works well for both dark and light colored eyes.

Enlargement: 7/10

Though the product is 14.5mm, as you can see from the 2nd photo, the color/enlarging effect is smaller than the actual diameter (a larger discrepancy from my usual lenses). I think the actual enlargement is around 14.0mm.

Comfort: 9/10

My eyes did not feel any stinging or irritation throughout the day from wearing them and didn't really need eyedrops, though they did dry out quicker than my EOS lenses in comparison.


A good blue lens that's very pretty and great for both natural and cosplay effects, but it doesn't really enlarge. I would recommend this lens for a bright and eyepopping blue color.

EOS Dollyeye Blue vs. Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue
Comparison Shots:

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

As you can see from the photo, the Dollyeye Blue is a little more enlarging and more eye-popping, but the Dueba Puffy Blue is more natural and subdued. The pupil hole for the Dueba lens is also larger. Both lens are really nice, it just really depends what you want from the lens -- natural, enlarging, bright, etc.

Similar Products: Dollyeye Blue, Geo Twins Blue, Neo Vision Glamour Blue

Note: Ekimura has done a review on the Dueba 3 Tone Puffy Turquoise (available from Pinkyparadise). It's got a more greenish hue than these blue lenses, like Hatsune Miku's eye color.


  1. Thanks for commenting, dear~. :] (How did you know I lurk/read your blog? o: )

    Anyway, gosh-- I'd not seen a review for the blue Puffys until now, and they really are as crazy-vibrant as they seem in the advert pics.

    Anyway, you definitely wear blue well. C:

  2. Haha I didn't know you read my blog! I follow yours so a comment from you is crazy :D Glad to know my review helped ^^ They're not as bright in dim lighting of course but that's to be expected. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

  3. Thank you for the review and comparison ^^ It's been very helpful.

  4. @Vermillion

    You're very welcome! Glad to be of help ^^

  5. Do you know if the EoS Dolly Eye V209LB Blue is the same as DollyEye Blue? Because I went to and and they don't let me order the lens without perscription. It starts on -1.00 or says "please enter perscription" or something like that... :/

  6. @Anon

    Yeah it's the same thing. Dollyeye is an offbrand of EOS I think.

    Also I just went to the pinkyparadise website and does have the plano in stock... I don't know why it's starting at -1.00? I can select 0.00 power just fine. Sorry... maybe email them about the problem?

  7. Thanks a lot! Yeah I don't know either but it's ok. If it's the same lens then I can order it form somewhere else. I just found it and wasn't sure if it was the same lens and I decided to ask you because I saw your review and saw then on you and liked them a lot. This is my first time buying circle lenses and I'm really exited. :3

    I just hope my astigmatism gets better so I can order them with my perscription later on. Thanks a lot for your help. Also wanted to ask you if you have buy any red lenses to see if you can recommend some to me. I was going to buy these ones:

  8. No problem! I heard those red lenses are really good, but I've never owned them because they're only in plano. I have the Dolly+ Red (which is under i.fairy brand) instead because it comes in prescription. Here's a pic -

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for this post! I was debating between the two and your comparison was super helpful :)!

    Please continue to do more comparisons~