Saturday, October 22, 2011

Princess Pinky Twilight Green Review

From Pinky Paradise.

Really bright green lens. The only problem I had was that the first pair I got had 1 defective lens so I had to contact PinkyParadise about it, but luckily they replaced it for free.

Thursday, June 2, 2011 review

Sorry for the lack of updates! Life has really been busy so far and I haven't been able to maintain this blog. I also haven't gotten many new lenses and many of my older ones have expired by now.

I recently ordered 4 pairs of lenses for myself and my other friends for a convention coming up, and since I needed specific lenses, it was cheaper to just order them from one site, and also as I needed them pretty quickly, I chose a site that had them in-stock. Honeycolor was the only site that had the green lenses my friend wanted that wasn't a batch ordering, plus their free express shipping option for orders over $100 made it ideal for me!

I first ordered from Honeycolor about a year ago, back when the site was first starting out. My experience was decent. I ordered a pair of Geo Nudy Browns and expected them within two weeks or so, but my order was stuck on processing for a week, and then registered shipping took about 2 weeks. They shipped it in a regular packet, with the vials packed in bubble wrap and gave me a standard contact lens. I had also heard a few bad reviews about people not receiving their lenses and that they had bad customer service, so I decided not to purchase from them in the future and used pinkyparadise as my main go-to site for circle lenses.

However, this time I ordered 4 pairs of lenses:
2 pairs of EOS V209-LB (Dollyeye) Blue
1 pair of Geo CP-F4 (Intense Light Green)
1 pair of Beaucon Jewel Brown
+ 1 frog travel case (the order was $95 so I just added something to my cart so I could get express shipping, haha)

Honeycolor's prices for lenses are about the same as PinkyParadise.
I also contacted their customer service asking about base curve and diameter for the intense light green lenses and they replied fairly quickly. Pinkyparadise also has fast customer service replies.
So all in all, they are about the same to me as Pinkyparadise, though I do like that they have a rewards program + free express shipping and a gift for orders over a certain amount, which I don't think Pinkyparadise has.

Pictured: Lens box, lens box opened with vials, fish lens case, and free gift for ordres over $100 (frog lens case)

I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging for the lenses, not to mention that now they give out animal lens cases like Pinkyparadise too. The free gift is their frog lens case, which comes with a solution bottle, tweezers, and a lens case. I ordered the lenses on Sunday and this time the processing time was much faster, only took about 1 day. The DHL express shipping came in 3 days.

All in all, Honeycolor this time around was a much better experience and they definitely improved their site a lot. I might buy from them a lot more often now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue 14.5mm
Also known as Dueba Shinny Aqua
Purchased from Pinkyparadise in prescription
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product Manufacturer: Dueba

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

Color: 9/10

The color is actually very bright and a really pretty blue, and the small burst of brown in the middle makes it really stand out. It shows up really well on my brown eyes.

Design: 10/10

The design is really lovely and natural, and the brown in the middle really gives it a nice transition from my natural color. I think the design works well for both dark and light colored eyes.

Enlargement: 7/10

Though the product is 14.5mm, as you can see from the 2nd photo, the color/enlarging effect is smaller than the actual diameter (a larger discrepancy from my usual lenses). I think the actual enlargement is around 14.0mm.

Comfort: 9/10

My eyes did not feel any stinging or irritation throughout the day from wearing them and didn't really need eyedrops, though they did dry out quicker than my EOS lenses in comparison.


A good blue lens that's very pretty and great for both natural and cosplay effects, but it doesn't really enlarge. I would recommend this lens for a bright and eyepopping blue color.

EOS Dollyeye Blue vs. Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue
Comparison Shots:

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

As you can see from the photo, the Dollyeye Blue is a little more enlarging and more eye-popping, but the Dueba Puffy Blue is more natural and subdued. The pupil hole for the Dueba lens is also larger. Both lens are really nice, it just really depends what you want from the lens -- natural, enlarging, bright, etc.

Similar Products: Dollyeye Blue, Geo Twins Blue, Neo Vision Glamour Blue

Note: Ekimura has done a review on the Dueba 3 Tone Puffy Turquoise (available from Pinkyparadise). It's got a more greenish hue than these blue lenses, like Hatsune Miku's eye color.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey Review

Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey 14.5mm
(Yup... these are supposed to be grey. I even emailed Pinkyparadise and they confirmed it.)
Purchased from Pinkyparadise in prescription.
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve 8.6
Product Manufacturer: Vassen (Product Code unknown)

Photo taken indoors, no flash, next to window.

Color: 3/10

They're a really dark grey color, which isn't really my thing. They almost look black on my eyes. At first, I thought I received the Hyper Circle Black lenses by accident, but I emailed Pinkyparadise and they said the black was very similar to the grey. It does look grey in bright lighting, but doesn't stand out. Definitely NOT opaque.

Design: 8/10

A very natural design with a medium sized pupil hole (smaller than the EOS Max Pure, larger than the Dollyeye) with nice specks of color.

Enlargement: 9/10

The enlargement is the same as other 14.5mm lenses.

Comfort: 9/10

Doesn't dry out too easily, didn't need eyedrops after wearing it for 8 hours yesterday.


For me, it's a "meh" lens. I saw pictures of it on the fuckyeahcirclelenses Tumblr and thought it was such a pretty grey color, very light, but when I actually got it, I was really disappointed. I really wonder if I did receive the right lens though. But it's a really dark grey, though it does look really glossy and enlarge your eyes. I suppose if you're looking for a natural grey color, this is a great lens. But if you're looking for a medium grey, definitely not the lens for you. I'm trying to find a good grey lens that isn't too dark (like the Barbie King Size Grey, which are pretty dark), but not too freakishly bright like the Dollyeye Greys. Right now I'm looking at the i.Fairy Hanabi Grey.

tl;dr -- Not a great lens for color if you're looking for bright grey, but comfortable and enlarging.

Stock/Example photos: This is definitely not what I got. A bit disappointed. Credit to Pinkyparadise and fuckyeahcirclelenses Tumblr for the photos.

Comparison to Barbie King Size Circle Grey

I'm looking down so my eyes look tired!

Sadly, the Barbie King Size Grey is brighter and more noticeable than the Hana SPC Grey... I was hoping when I purchased the Hana SPCs that it would be a really pretty light grey.

Now, if you're looking for a REALLY light grey, I have the Dollyeye Greys... they're a little too intense for me though.

Reviews on the Barbie King Size Grey and Dollyeye Grey will come up sooner or later.

Friday, October 29, 2010

EOS Max Pure Green Review (EOS G-201)

Indoors, daylight, no flash, facing window

EOS Max Pure Green 14.5mm
Purchased from PinkyParadise in prescription.
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product code: EOS G-201

Color: 7/10

It’s not as vibrant a green as the Dollyeye green lenses are, but the yellowish tones in the green make it a lighter color than the Dollyeyes are.

Design: 7/10

Since these lenses are 14.5mm, they give a pretty halo effect when I wear them sometimes. However, the pupil hole is quite large and the design is too spiky for my tastes.

Enlargement: 10/10

14.5mm are the perfect size for me without looking too creepy. I love the size since it really makes my eyes pop, as my regular irises are so small.

Comfort: 10/10

These lenses were the first pair that I bought and when I popped them in, I wore them for about 8 hours with no discomfort or need for eyedrops. They’re consistently very comfortable and don’t dry out.

Overall: These are some really pretty lenses, and they're very comfortable. However, they're not really a favorite of mine because the color is more a muddy green than a forest green. They’re good for cosplay since they’re noticeable at a distance and enhance your eyes, but not if you're looking for a bright, green color. I would go with either Colormax Greens (available from or Dollyeye Greens.

tl;dr: Not the best lenses, but good for a more subtle green color and very comfortable.

Comparison with Dollyeye Green

On left - EOS Max Pure Green. On Right - Dollyeye Green.

On left - Dollyeye Green. On right - EOS Max Pure Green

As you can see, the Dollyeye green is more pigmented with color than the Max Pure green, but the hue is darker. You can read my review for my Dollyeye green lenses here.