Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue

Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue 14.5mm
Also known as Dueba Shinny Aqua
Purchased from Pinkyparadise in prescription
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product Manufacturer: Dueba

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

Color: 9/10

The color is actually very bright and a really pretty blue, and the small burst of brown in the middle makes it really stand out. It shows up really well on my brown eyes.

Design: 10/10

The design is really lovely and natural, and the brown in the middle really gives it a nice transition from my natural color. I think the design works well for both dark and light colored eyes.

Enlargement: 7/10

Though the product is 14.5mm, as you can see from the 2nd photo, the color/enlarging effect is smaller than the actual diameter (a larger discrepancy from my usual lenses). I think the actual enlargement is around 14.0mm.

Comfort: 9/10

My eyes did not feel any stinging or irritation throughout the day from wearing them and didn't really need eyedrops, though they did dry out quicker than my EOS lenses in comparison.


A good blue lens that's very pretty and great for both natural and cosplay effects, but it doesn't really enlarge. I would recommend this lens for a bright and eyepopping blue color.

EOS Dollyeye Blue vs. Dueba Puffy 3-Tone Blue
Comparison Shots:

No flash, taken in bright daylight next to window

As you can see from the photo, the Dollyeye Blue is a little more enlarging and more eye-popping, but the Dueba Puffy Blue is more natural and subdued. The pupil hole for the Dueba lens is also larger. Both lens are really nice, it just really depends what you want from the lens -- natural, enlarging, bright, etc.

Similar Products: Dollyeye Blue, Geo Twins Blue, Neo Vision Glamour Blue

Note: Ekimura has done a review on the Dueba 3 Tone Puffy Turquoise (available from Pinkyparadise). It's got a more greenish hue than these blue lenses, like Hatsune Miku's eye color.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey Review

Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey 14.5mm
(Yup... these are supposed to be grey. I even emailed Pinkyparadise and they confirmed it.)
Purchased from Pinkyparadise in prescription.
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve 8.6
Product Manufacturer: Vassen (Product Code unknown)

Photo taken indoors, no flash, next to window.

Color: 3/10

They're a really dark grey color, which isn't really my thing. They almost look black on my eyes. At first, I thought I received the Hyper Circle Black lenses by accident, but I emailed Pinkyparadise and they said the black was very similar to the grey. It does look grey in bright lighting, but doesn't stand out. Definitely NOT opaque.

Design: 8/10

A very natural design with a medium sized pupil hole (smaller than the EOS Max Pure, larger than the Dollyeye) with nice specks of color.

Enlargement: 9/10

The enlargement is the same as other 14.5mm lenses.

Comfort: 9/10

Doesn't dry out too easily, didn't need eyedrops after wearing it for 8 hours yesterday.


For me, it's a "meh" lens. I saw pictures of it on the fuckyeahcirclelenses Tumblr and thought it was such a pretty grey color, very light, but when I actually got it, I was really disappointed. I really wonder if I did receive the right lens though. But it's a really dark grey, though it does look really glossy and enlarge your eyes. I suppose if you're looking for a natural grey color, this is a great lens. But if you're looking for a medium grey, definitely not the lens for you. I'm trying to find a good grey lens that isn't too dark (like the Barbie King Size Grey, which are pretty dark), but not too freakishly bright like the Dollyeye Greys. Right now I'm looking at the i.Fairy Hanabi Grey.

tl;dr -- Not a great lens for color if you're looking for bright grey, but comfortable and enlarging.

Stock/Example photos: This is definitely not what I got. A bit disappointed. Credit to Pinkyparadise and fuckyeahcirclelenses Tumblr for the photos.

Comparison to Barbie King Size Circle Grey

I'm looking down so my eyes look tired!

Sadly, the Barbie King Size Grey is brighter and more noticeable than the Hana SPC Grey... I was hoping when I purchased the Hana SPCs that it would be a really pretty light grey.

Now, if you're looking for a REALLY light grey, I have the Dollyeye Greys... they're a little too intense for me though.

Reviews on the Barbie King Size Grey and Dollyeye Grey will come up sooner or later.

Friday, October 29, 2010

EOS Max Pure Green Review (EOS G-201)

Indoors, daylight, no flash, facing window

EOS Max Pure Green 14.5mm
Purchased from PinkyParadise in prescription.
Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product code: EOS G-201

Color: 7/10

It’s not as vibrant a green as the Dollyeye green lenses are, but the yellowish tones in the green make it a lighter color than the Dollyeyes are.

Design: 7/10

Since these lenses are 14.5mm, they give a pretty halo effect when I wear them sometimes. However, the pupil hole is quite large and the design is too spiky for my tastes.

Enlargement: 10/10

14.5mm are the perfect size for me without looking too creepy. I love the size since it really makes my eyes pop, as my regular irises are so small.

Comfort: 10/10

These lenses were the first pair that I bought and when I popped them in, I wore them for about 8 hours with no discomfort or need for eyedrops. They’re consistently very comfortable and don’t dry out.

Overall: These are some really pretty lenses, and they're very comfortable. However, they're not really a favorite of mine because the color is more a muddy green than a forest green. They’re good for cosplay since they’re noticeable at a distance and enhance your eyes, but not if you're looking for a bright, green color. I would go with either Colormax Greens (available from or Dollyeye Greens.

tl;dr: Not the best lenses, but good for a more subtle green color and very comfortable.

Comparison with Dollyeye Green

On left - EOS Max Pure Green. On Right - Dollyeye Green.

On left - Dollyeye Green. On right - EOS Max Pure Green

As you can see, the Dollyeye green is more pigmented with color than the Max Pure green, but the hue is darker. You can read my review for my Dollyeye green lenses here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

i.Fairy Ruby Red Review

Click to enlarge photos.

On right, the lens is inside out.

Comparison shot.
Photos taken in well-lit indoor lighting, facing window (not directly). No flash used.
Unfortunately I wish the quality was better, I couldn't get my camera to focus.
NOTE: My pictures really don't do these lenses justice. Check Crystalike's Photobucket for better pictures.

i.Fairy Ruby Red 14.6mm (Advertised as 16.2mm)
Purchased from Geo Lens House on Facebook in prescription
Diameter: 14.6mm Base Curve: 8.6
Product Code: Unknown

Color: 8/10

The color is quite bright for a dark red lens, though it may not be what you are looking for in a solid red lens. You can tell that they are red from a relatively close distance away. However, they were one of the few circle lenses in red that I could find in -7.00 prescription, without purchasing a $90+ pair from's shop. If you are looking for a solid red lens, but only need them in powers up to -6.00, has some that are relatively cheap called "Blood Red."

Design: 9/10

I really like the design of it, since the red is not a bright demonic red. It is made with black spokes with bright bits of red, allowing a smooth transition from brown to red on dark eyes.

Enlargement: 10/10

While they may not be 16.2mm lens as advertised, they are very enlarging. However, if they were 16.2mm, I don't even know if I'd be able to get them in my eye...

Comfort: 9/10

Very comfortable, no stinging when the lens are put on or worn, and I wore them for about 6 hours without needing eyedrops.


I really like these lenses as red lenses you can get in prescription without paying an arm and a leg for them. They may not be the brightest red, but they're quite good.

A note on purchasing lenses from facebook, though. I hesitated for a VERY long time on purchasing from this site, not because I didn't think they were trustworthy or heard anything bad about them, but because well.. It's facebook! However, I turned to Geo Lens House once my first preorder from De Mois, Pour Vous on livejournal never went through (presumably she fell ill again and did not process any orders. Check this entry for more details and my commenting under my account, sketchingacynic). I basically contacted her and paid her via paypal, but after almost 90 days, I never received any updates, either on her site or via email, and thus filed a paypal dispute and received my money back.
Conversation screenshot

Regardless, I finally wrote on Geo Lens House's wall after I contacted a user on the forums (Crystalike, if you're wondering) who made two happy lens purchases from Geo Lens House and posted pictures on the Contact Lens thread about the Ruby Red. She assured me that they were legit. So, I contacted them on an order of the i.Fairy Ruby Red in -7.00 prescription (listed in Malaysian currency). The purchase came to $30 USD with shipping and paypal fees, and Steve (the guy who runs the store) sent me an invoice via paypal. I paid him and the next day he sent me a tracking number, and I received the lenses within the next week and a half. So, overall it was a smooth transaction and I would definitely recommend this seller.

tl;dr --

Don't order from facebook stores unless you have trustworthy FRIENDS who have ordered from them before, and make sure it's a paypal invoice so if you don't receive your goods you can file a dispute to get your money back within 90 days. Oh yeah, and the i.fairy ruby red lenses are pretty cool.

New Prospective Dueba Lenses (Puffy Series)

Since searching on Pinkyparadise for some new lenses, I saw these new Dueba "Shinny" (a misspelling of "Shiny," perhaps) lenses that looked interesting. After doing a google search on them, I found out they were a new series that Dueba was selling as a 3-tone series called "Puffy." Based on the pictures from FOTDLook's blog (LINK), they look very bright and pretty. There are pictures on the fuckyeahcirclelenses Tumblr of the 3-tone brown (LINK).

It looks like a pretty lens with a thin limbal ring around the outside, a semi-opaque ring of color, and a brown center transition from the opaque color.

Diameter: 14.5
Base Curve: 8.6
Manufacturer: Dueba
Life Span: 1 year disposeable
Available in Prescription: 0.00 to -10.00
Available colors: Aqua, Turquoise, Hazel, Brown, Violet, Green, Grey

Stock Pictures (credit to FOTDLooks)

There are more pictures on TheDollyEye's site as well.

I have just ordered a pair of the Dueba Shinny/Puffy 3-Tones in Aqua/Blue (11/24/10 update). Also, as far as I can see, Pinky Paradise is the only site with the Dueba Puffy Turquoise. It's more of an aqua color, similar to Hatsune Miku's eye color. Here is Ekimura's review on them.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dollyeye Green Review (V-209LB)

Indoors, no flash, bright lighting during daytime

EOS Dollyeye Green 14.2mm
Purchased from Tokioshine in prescription. (Tokioshine is now defunct, unfortunately.)
Diameter: 14.2mm Base Curve 8.6
Product Code: EOS V209LB

Color: 9/10

Though the color is an extremely vibrant green, it is a relatively dark color. It isn’t a very light, grey/green mix that the Geo Tri-color greens are, or the Colormax Greens (link). They’re a very pretty lens, but if you want a bright green color, I’d suggest the Geo twin greens (only available in plano though) or the colormax greens (available from cosplaylab). They do, however, look very beautiful during dusk outside.

Design: 9/10

The design is that the lenses are very opaque - meaning, no matter how light or dark your eyes are, the color will show up the same as it will on everyone. There’s also a smaller pupil hole than most lenses, giving the most amount of pigment while still being able to see.

Enlargement: 8/10

They do enlarge, but it’s only a little above average.

Comfort: 9/10

I find that out of my other 3 dollyeye lenses, this one is the one that slips the least when I put it on fresh out of the solution. It’s also quite comfortable, though I find they dry out a bit quicker than the EOS Max Pure greens I have. I have worn them for up to 8 hours with not much problem.


I really like these lenses, though it’s mostly for everyday wear. They’re a bright enough green that they pop out, but not so creepy that it’s totally unnatural. They're definitely one of my favorite lenses, and ones that I'd use for cosplay. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear these lenses since they are so vibrant but natural looking. However, again, if you are looking for BRIGHT green lenses, I'd say stick either with the Colormax green or Geo Twin greens. Compared to the EOS Max Pure Green contacts, they are definitely a lot brighter.

Check out my review and comparison photo of the EOS Max Pure Greens here.

tl;dr --
Pros: Bright vibrant green, very pretty lens, opaque, comfortable, available in prescription, brighter than EOS Max Pure Green
Cons: Not brighter than other greenish grey lenses out there, not good for cosplays needing bright bright green lenses.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to: Put together a K-ON! uniform

....No sewing involved!

Here is one of many great cosplays out there of K-ON! you can find on the internet. This is a photo taken from Alodia Gosiengfiao's official fanpage for Animax Asia.

For Anime Expo 2010, I decided to cosplay as Azusa Nakano from K-ON! Since it was such a spontaneous decision and I was on a very short time limit before AX, I rushed through it and it was not too great the first time around. So I decided to re-do the costume to debut it in time for Anime Los Angelos 2011. This is a guide on how I put together my cosplay.

Table of Contents:
  • Step 1: Wig/hairstyles
  • Step 2: Collared Dress Shirt
  • Step 3: Blazer/Vest
  • Step 4: Skirt
  • Step 5: Socks
  • Step 6: Shoes/Heights
  • Step 7: Props & Ideas
  • Step 8: Finishing Touches (eye color, makeup, lenses, and ribbons)
  • Step 1: Wig

    The wig, in my opinion, is one of the most important factors of the cosplay. As this is a uniform cosplay, most of the body of the cosplay does not matter until you decide which character you want to cosplay. There are 5 main characters in K-ON! -- Yui Hirasawa (Lead Guitar), Mio Akiyama (Bass), Ritsu Tainaka (Drums), Tsumugi Kotobuki (Keyboard), and Azusa Nakano (Rhythm Guitar). They all have their own characteristics and twists to their uniforms, but the key difference is their hair colour.

    From Left: Azusa, Mio, Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi

    Mio has long, straight black hair.
    Yui has short, brown hair with two yellow hairpins.
    Ritsu has short, brown hair with a headband that reveals her forehead.
    Mugi has long, blonde wavy hair.
    Azusa has long, straight black hair in pigtails.

    Where do I buy a wig?

    *Keep in mind that you might need to style your wig after you receive it -- trimming the bangs, altering the length, etc. I ordered my wig from the Zephyr line, the two tail wig with a skin top, for $73. (It's steep, I know ;-; !) In the future I would have just ordered a base wig with two clip-on bangs because it took the night before the convention to style the ponytails!

    Why do I have to wear a wig?

    You don't have to wear a wig if your hair is very close to the character that you want to cosplay. That's how a lot of people decide -- because their hair looks like so-and-so and they can't afford a wig. Wigs are expensive. They're usually about $30+ and probably $40+ for a long wig, such as for Mio or Mugi. If you can get away with not wearing a wig, feel free to do so.

    However, I usually like to wear a wig (well, I have no choice -- my hair is too short not to!). It also insures that your hair during the day stays the same. Even if you sweat, you sweat under the wig cap. It also adds an authenticity to the cosplay, if your hair is not the same shade as the character's. You're also free to style your hair or cut your hair how you want it prior to a convention without worrying about it.

    Step 2: Collared Dress Shirt

    This is a very simple step. What I did was go into my local thrift store and pick out a plain white dress shirt. All the girls wear a dress shirt underneath their uniform blazer. My dress shirt was $2 from a local thrift store.

    Step 3: Blazer/Vest

    Depending on if you want to do the summer uniform or the winter uniform, you can either purchase a vest or a blazer. I was able to easily find a secondhand blazer in my local thrift store, though you can also check H&M for a blazer. They had a double breasted navy blue blazer last time I was in there, and you could easily re-sew the buttons and take out the extra buttons to make the plain, 3-button blazer.

    I still have to take out the shoulder pads and sew on gold buttons, though. The blazer was $4.50 from the thrift store. It looks black, but it's navy blue..

    However, for the vest I bought it from Land's End. Here is the link: (link). If the link does not work for some reason, go to the Land's End website and search "vest." I bought mine from the "big kid's" school uniform section in the color "Maize" in size Medium because I am petite. The vest was $25 without shipping. Thanks to katx from for helping me with this. :)

    Step 4: Skirt

    The skirt for the K-ON! cosplay was probably the single article of clothing that I had the hardest time locating. Not only is the color of the skirt -- a greyish blue, or slate blue -- very peculiar and hard to find, but the pleats are also something else. After ordering an unsuccessful skirt from ebay (it was far too blue for my first attempt), I simply decided on settling on a light grey pleated skirt from Yesstyle. I'd seen many K-ON! cosplayers have grey skirts rather than the slate blue in the anime, and I figured a teensy color inaccuracy was a good sacrifice against losing hours of sleep and wasted time. However, there is a really helpful tutorial on making a pleated skirt:

    The brand is Catworld and the skirt is called "Elastisized Waistband Miniskirt" from The links for Yesstyle's products frequently change, so I can't give you a link, sorry! It was $27 with shipping.

    Unfortunately the skirt is too small for my waist so I still have to alter it to fit.

    Step 5: Socks

    The socks for each character vary. Yui is known particularly for her fondness for wearing tights to school, so if you are cosplaying as Yui, without tights, it won't be completely accurate! You can purchase tights or socks from your local Target if there is one in your area. Any department store will do, really. I just like Target the best! My black knee high socks for Azusa were $2. Tights are about $5.

    Yui wears black tights.
    Mio wears black knee high socks.
    Ritsu wears white ankle socks.
    Mugi wears white knee high socks.
    Azusa wears black knee high socks.

    Step 6: Shoes

    I usually see other K-ON! cosplayers wear brown loafers, although you could also purchase some uwabaki (their indoor shoes, which are usually made of rubber and have a specific color for their class year) from ebay. I searched up "brown loafers" on ebay and purchased a pair for $25.

    Since I am on the subject of feet, I might as well state it here. If you want to cosplay as the ever-popular Mio in a group, please make sure you are the tallest one! Mio is known to be quite tall and graceful (around 5'7''). It will just seem strange to K-ON! fans if there is a short Mio.

    Here is what I gathered each HTT member's heights to be.
    Yui: Average height. 5'2''~5'4''
    Mio: Tall height. 5'6''~5'9''
    Ritsu: Average height. 5'2''~5'4''
    Mugi: Average height, shorter than Mio. 5'4''~5'6''
    Azusa: Short height. 4'10''~5'0''

    Pretty much, everyone is average except that Azusa has to be particularly short and young-looking and Mio has to be particularly tall and graceful. Mugi is noted to be about the same height as Mio, but a little shorter.

    Step 7: Props

    The Sakuragaoka High girls are known for having instruments, of course, as part of the Light Music Club. Mio, Yui, and Azusa all carry around their signature bass/guitars. Yui has her Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, Azusa has her Fender Mustang, and Mio has her Fender Jazz Bass. They are ALL expensive instruments (by expensive I mean about $900 alone for the Fender Mustang). Ritsu and Mugi play less portable instruments (drums and keyboard).

    How do I still get props for the character if I don't want to spend too much money?

    Obviously, for most people it is not within their price range to get an expensive electric guitar unless they already have a guitar.

    What you can do for Azusa/Yui/Mio is simply borrow a guitar from a friend, a parent, or relative. You can also purchase guitars of the same color but not of the same brand. Or you can even make a guitar! There's quite a few options.

    For Ritsu, carry around drumsticks (Rock Band drumsticks should do fine).
    For Mugi, carry around a teacup since she is known for always making tea for the club members (can be purchased from Goodwill or a local Asian supermarket).

    I've seen photos of a very clever Yui who carried around castanets! (Yui mistakenly thinks of the Light Music Club as a club where she can play castanets -- I recommend reading the manga or watching episode 1 of the anime to understand this joke.)

    If you aren't cosplaying a main character, but are cosplaying as Ui, Nodoka, Jun, or Megumi-San, try to delve into the character more.

    For Ui, maybe wear a cute apron or carry around a tray of sweets as she is always taking care of Yui.
    For Nodoka, have her trademark red glasses and perhaps a student council form since the keion club never seems to turn in their forms.
    As for Megumi-San, make a plush of Mio or carry around a Mio Fanclub card!

    Step 8: Finishing touches!

    Finishing touches for your costume depends on the character you want to portray.

    For Ritsu, she never seems to have her shirt tucked in and leaves her blazer unbottoned along with her yellow headband exposing her forehead. She is known to be flatchested, and jealous of Mio.
    Mio has her trademark, short, blunt-cut side bangs alongside either side of her face, as well as a large chest.
    Azusa has her longer sideburns framing her face, along with her trademark pigtails. She is also known to be flatchested.
    Mugi has blue eyes and a large chest (seems to be her most distinguishing features other than hair color).
    Lastly, Yui has her two yellow hairclips on her bangs.

    Next, the specific eye colors and my recommended circle lenses (all are available in prescription). Links open in new windows to picture examples.

    Yui - brown eyes (EOS Max Pure Brown 14.5mm)
    Mio - dark grey eyes (i.Fairy Jewel Grey 14.6mm)
    Ritsu - hazel/yellow eyes (Dollyeye Brown 14.2mm)
    Mugi - blue eyes (Geo Nudy Blue 14.0mm)
    Azusa - dark red/brown (EOS Candy Brown (G208) 14.5mm)

    Circle lenses are a nice finishing touch, but definitely optional. Unless you are doing close-ups in a photoshoots, it is likely that people at the convention will not notice from further away while taking pictures of you. What they do notice is how well your costume is put together and how in-character you are!

    There are also the ribbons that the girls wear to indicate their year.
    Yui, Mio, Mugi, Ritsu - Blue
    Azusa, Jun, Ui - Red
    It is easy to purchase a small spool from somewhere like Michael's for about $2.

    Lastly, makeup is almost always a necessity for cosplay, because anime characters' skin tones are so flawless! There are many cosplay tutorials for makeup, available on Youtube or just search the forums as well as DeviantArt. Always try to go for a natural, flawless look. Bb cream, eyeliner, and blush would all be essentials.

    Here are also some spectacular K-ON cosplays found via google or curecos.
    Above group picture found here.

    Good Luck, and have fun!

    All K-ON! images copyright Kyoto Animation and were found via google search.

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Still alive, new posts to come in the future c:

    Sorry for totally leaving this blog out to die. I will be re-doing this blog within the next few weeks.

    Just a quick update since my last repertoire list. All lenses were ordered in prescription. The lenses I have worn or ordered are as follows:

    EOS Max Pure Green 14.5mm
    EOS Dollyeye Green 14.2mm
    EOS Dollyeye Blue 14.2mm
    EOS Dollyeye Violet 14.2mm
    EOS Dollyeye Grey 14.2mm
    Hana SPC Hyper Circle Brown 14.5mm*
    Geo Nudy Brown 14.0mm*
    Barbie King Size Grey 14.5mm

    *Hana SPC and Geo Nudy will not be reviewed; I ripped the lenses by accident before I could review them.

    Preordered i.Fairy Ruby Red 15.2mm (supposedly, but some reviews say 14.6mm) from

    I ordered all my dollyeye lenses back when Tokioshine had them in prescription, the max pure, barbie, and hana spc from pinkyparadise, the geos from honeycolor, and the preorder from de mois, pour vous on livejournal.

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Small update on lenses

    I received my green Dollyeye lenses (V-209 LB) from Tokioshine and also just ordered a pair of blue Dollyeye lenses today from the same site (I decided I wanted to cosplay a character with blue eyes rather than green eyes). I also received my Geo Nudy brown lenses from Honeycolor.

    Tokioshine's shipping was really fast & they're located in CA; I got an email that they shipped later that day and then received it the next afternoon. Honeycolor's was fairly slow as they left my order on processing for about 5 days (I ordered on a Friday and they shipped it on Wednesday) and took around 2 weeks to get here.

    Note: Unfortunately, Tokioshine is now defunct, probably due to the US seizing their company due to not requiring prescriptions for circle lenses. Thus, the best option would be PinkyParadise. They are consistently good, ship relatively quickly from overseas (average time is about 2 weeks), and don't charge me customs duties like Honeycolor does.

    Reviews/pics/videos will come maybe around after the 20th since it's finals week for me.

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Ange's Guide to Circle Lenses

    Materials Needed:
    Lens Case
    Contact solution
    Clean hands

    What to do when you first get them
    -Look carefully at the glass vial. Note if there is any damage done to the vial and that the lenses inside have no damage on them (rips/tears/weird substances inside, etc).
    -Wash hands with warm water and soap (avoid moisterizing soaps).
    -Open the vial and empty the contents with the lenses into your hand.
    -Take your contact case and fill it with solution.
    -Soak contacts for 6 hours before wear

    How to put them in your eye
    -Take 1 lens out and put it on your forefinger. Make sure it is facing the correct way out, not inside out. If it flares out, it's inside out.
    -Drop some solution onto the lens.
    -Gently hold your eye open with your other hand
    -Slip the contact onto your open eye. Don't blink during this time. Please don't jab yourself in the eye. Do it gently.
    -Keep your eye open for a few seconds to let the contact settle on your eye.

    If your eye stings after putting in the contact, take it out and try again later after cleaning the contacts.

    General Tips
    -Always see an optometrist before purchasing circle lenses. Get your eyes measured if you don't regularly wear contacts. Try trial pairs on. Talk to your optometrist about possible risks and all that. Do your research.
    -Always wash your hands before putting in and taking out contacts.
    -Never use tap water to rinse your contacts or store them.
    -Keep the sink plug closed while putting on your contacts in case they fall down the drain.
    -Put your contacts in before applying makeup.
    -Remove your contacts before taking off makeup.
    -Put some drops of solution into your eyes before taking out your contacts.
    -Carry around eyedrops for contact lens in case your eyes dry out.
    -Always try your contacts on at home before wearing them for extended trips outside your home (in case something goes wrong).
    -Carry around a spare case and a small bottle of solution (and if you need glasses, your glasses case) in case you need to take out your contacts.


    Taking care of circle lenses is basically like taking care of your soft contacts. However, while you can wear your soft contacts for up to 12 hours per day, you aren't recommended to wear your circle lenses for more than 6-8 hours per day. If you do, make sure you carry around eyedrops.

    Useful links for circle lenses

    All links open in new windows.

    General Sites for Circle Lenses & Pictures Contact Lenses FAQ
    Stealthos Search by Color (Also includes large list of where to buy)

    Sites I have personally ordered, pre-ordered, or plan to order from:
    Pinky Paradise - Would recommend to a friend. See Dollyeye review.

    Tokioshine - Would recommend to a friend, but now defunct. No longer available.

    Honeycolor - Would not recommend to a friend; have to pay custom duty tax for US, known for unreliable customer service.

    De Moi, Pour Vous - DO NOT ORDER FROM HER. Would not recommend to a friend. Preordered i.Fairy Lens from her 24 July and still have not gotten any answer from her since 15 September; had to file paypal claim to get back money since I don't think she is going to send out any goods any time soon.

    Geo Lens House - Would recommend to a friend. See i.Fairy Review.

    FOTDLooks - Would recommend to a friend; currently planning preorder for Puffy Lenses.*

    *Plan to order from them or their preorder has not closed yet

    NOTE: These are not the ONLY places you can order from; these are simply from my own experience. There are a lot of places out there you can order from, but just do your research on them before. Google "(site name) reviews" or search them up on the, soompi forums, or whatnot. Ask people who have ordered from them!

    Sites I know of, but never ordered from:

    Lens care links: