Monday, May 10, 2010

Ange's Guide to Circle Lenses

Materials Needed:
Lens Case
Contact solution
Clean hands

What to do when you first get them
-Look carefully at the glass vial. Note if there is any damage done to the vial and that the lenses inside have no damage on them (rips/tears/weird substances inside, etc).
-Wash hands with warm water and soap (avoid moisterizing soaps).
-Open the vial and empty the contents with the lenses into your hand.
-Take your contact case and fill it with solution.
-Soak contacts for 6 hours before wear

How to put them in your eye
-Take 1 lens out and put it on your forefinger. Make sure it is facing the correct way out, not inside out. If it flares out, it's inside out.
-Drop some solution onto the lens.
-Gently hold your eye open with your other hand
-Slip the contact onto your open eye. Don't blink during this time. Please don't jab yourself in the eye. Do it gently.
-Keep your eye open for a few seconds to let the contact settle on your eye.

If your eye stings after putting in the contact, take it out and try again later after cleaning the contacts.

General Tips
-Always see an optometrist before purchasing circle lenses. Get your eyes measured if you don't regularly wear contacts. Try trial pairs on. Talk to your optometrist about possible risks and all that. Do your research.
-Always wash your hands before putting in and taking out contacts.
-Never use tap water to rinse your contacts or store them.
-Keep the sink plug closed while putting on your contacts in case they fall down the drain.
-Put your contacts in before applying makeup.
-Remove your contacts before taking off makeup.
-Put some drops of solution into your eyes before taking out your contacts.
-Carry around eyedrops for contact lens in case your eyes dry out.
-Always try your contacts on at home before wearing them for extended trips outside your home (in case something goes wrong).
-Carry around a spare case and a small bottle of solution (and if you need glasses, your glasses case) in case you need to take out your contacts.


Taking care of circle lenses is basically like taking care of your soft contacts. However, while you can wear your soft contacts for up to 12 hours per day, you aren't recommended to wear your circle lenses for more than 6-8 hours per day. If you do, make sure you carry around eyedrops.

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