Saturday, May 15, 2010

Small update on lenses

I received my green Dollyeye lenses (V-209 LB) from Tokioshine and also just ordered a pair of blue Dollyeye lenses today from the same site (I decided I wanted to cosplay a character with blue eyes rather than green eyes). I also received my Geo Nudy brown lenses from Honeycolor.

Tokioshine's shipping was really fast & they're located in CA; I got an email that they shipped later that day and then received it the next afternoon. Honeycolor's was fairly slow as they left my order on processing for about 5 days (I ordered on a Friday and they shipped it on Wednesday) and took around 2 weeks to get here.

Note: Unfortunately, Tokioshine is now defunct, probably due to the US seizing their company due to not requiring prescriptions for circle lenses. Thus, the best option would be PinkyParadise. They are consistently good, ship relatively quickly from overseas (average time is about 2 weeks), and don't charge me customs duties like Honeycolor does.

Reviews/pics/videos will come maybe around after the 20th since it's finals week for me.

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