Monday, May 10, 2010

Useful links for circle lenses

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General Sites for Circle Lenses & Pictures Contact Lenses FAQ
Stealthos Search by Color (Also includes large list of where to buy)

Sites I have personally ordered, pre-ordered, or plan to order from:
Pinky Paradise - Would recommend to a friend. See Dollyeye review.

Tokioshine - Would recommend to a friend, but now defunct. No longer available.

Honeycolor - Would not recommend to a friend; have to pay custom duty tax for US, known for unreliable customer service.

De Moi, Pour Vous - DO NOT ORDER FROM HER. Would not recommend to a friend. Preordered i.Fairy Lens from her 24 July and still have not gotten any answer from her since 15 September; had to file paypal claim to get back money since I don't think she is going to send out any goods any time soon.

Geo Lens House - Would recommend to a friend. See i.Fairy Review.

FOTDLooks - Would recommend to a friend; currently planning preorder for Puffy Lenses.*

*Plan to order from them or their preorder has not closed yet

NOTE: These are not the ONLY places you can order from; these are simply from my own experience. There are a lot of places out there you can order from, but just do your research on them before. Google "(site name) reviews" or search them up on the, soompi forums, or whatnot. Ask people who have ordered from them!

Sites I know of, but never ordered from:

Lens care links:

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