Thursday, June 2, 2011 review

Sorry for the lack of updates! Life has really been busy so far and I haven't been able to maintain this blog. I also haven't gotten many new lenses and many of my older ones have expired by now.

I recently ordered 4 pairs of lenses for myself and my other friends for a convention coming up, and since I needed specific lenses, it was cheaper to just order them from one site, and also as I needed them pretty quickly, I chose a site that had them in-stock. Honeycolor was the only site that had the green lenses my friend wanted that wasn't a batch ordering, plus their free express shipping option for orders over $100 made it ideal for me!

I first ordered from Honeycolor about a year ago, back when the site was first starting out. My experience was decent. I ordered a pair of Geo Nudy Browns and expected them within two weeks or so, but my order was stuck on processing for a week, and then registered shipping took about 2 weeks. They shipped it in a regular packet, with the vials packed in bubble wrap and gave me a standard contact lens. I had also heard a few bad reviews about people not receiving their lenses and that they had bad customer service, so I decided not to purchase from them in the future and used pinkyparadise as my main go-to site for circle lenses.

However, this time I ordered 4 pairs of lenses:
2 pairs of EOS V209-LB (Dollyeye) Blue
1 pair of Geo CP-F4 (Intense Light Green)
1 pair of Beaucon Jewel Brown
+ 1 frog travel case (the order was $95 so I just added something to my cart so I could get express shipping, haha)

Honeycolor's prices for lenses are about the same as PinkyParadise.
I also contacted their customer service asking about base curve and diameter for the intense light green lenses and they replied fairly quickly. Pinkyparadise also has fast customer service replies.
So all in all, they are about the same to me as Pinkyparadise, though I do like that they have a rewards program + free express shipping and a gift for orders over a certain amount, which I don't think Pinkyparadise has.

Pictured: Lens box, lens box opened with vials, fish lens case, and free gift for ordres over $100 (frog lens case)

I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging for the lenses, not to mention that now they give out animal lens cases like Pinkyparadise too. The free gift is their frog lens case, which comes with a solution bottle, tweezers, and a lens case. I ordered the lenses on Sunday and this time the processing time was much faster, only took about 1 day. The DHL express shipping came in 3 days.

All in all, Honeycolor this time around was a much better experience and they definitely improved their site a lot. I might buy from them a lot more often now.


  1. I've been so interested in ordering from here! They have some gorgeous lenses. *A*

  2. Honey color stole my money and won't reply to my 20-30 emails i have sent.

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  4. Honeycolor stole & money & never shipped my contacts.