Saturday, October 22, 2011

Princess Pinky Twilight Green Review

From Pinky Paradise.

Really bright green lens. The only problem I had was that the first pair I got had 1 defective lens so I had to contact PinkyParadise about it, but luckily they replaced it for free.


  1. All of the jealousy. <33

    I NEED the Brown ones from this series. <33 Unf.

  2. @Noxin

    They are a really pretty lens, but the 2 or 3 times I've worn them have been really uncomfortable :c

  3. Beautiful lenses. Next on my list. Thanks Hun. You've inspired me to purchase a pair. BTW, pinky Paradise rocks. I always get my stuff quickly from them and if I've ever got a problem, they fix it. Oh and I purchased some lenses from have you heard of LensVillage? I never bought there before this order and they r taking forever to ship. Its worrying me :(

  4. @miss you rock

    Yeah, PinkyParadise is awesome! I've never heard of lensvillage before. Hope you get your lenses!